Analog Devices has acquired a solid-state laser beam steering technology from Colorado-based Vescent Photonics.

Today’s ADAS systems rely on a suite of sensor technologies that include cameras, RADAR and LIDAR to effectively provide advanced safety features such as forward collision warning, blind spot detection, pedestrian detection and autonomous driving functions. Cameras are used widely for object recognition while RADAR uses radio-frequency electromagnetic waves to measure distance. LIDAR uses laser beams to measure the distance and can also recognise objects. Scanning LIDAR systems can be used to detect objects on or near the roadway and fill the blind spots known to exist when using RADAR and cameras.

ADI's new non-mechanical beam steering technology will pave the way for better integrated LIDAR systems, overcoming man of the major drawbacks, such as reliability, size and cost, associated with today's bulky mechanical offerings, according to the company.