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Advancement in technology changed many things in our life, from our way of communicating to our daily commuting even on how we do our test and measurement using the current instrument.

Oscilloscope came a long way from an analog measurement into digital way of measuring signals. From CRT with green trace into multi-color touchscreen display where you have more control on how to view and make measurement on the captured signals.

Join us in a half-day complimentary workshop to

  • learn more about the new ways you may make your measurement quickly and accurately using an oscilloscope.
  • Learn about how you may troubleshoot your circuit’s cross-talk and prevent unexpected performance from your design.

There are 2 sessions available, morning or afternoon. Sign-up now and be an Oscilloscope Master.

  • Date: 16th April 2019 (High Tea Included)
  • Time: 8.30am – 12.00pm or 13.30pm – 16.45pm


Starting from basic operations, it will cover important scope specifications and advanced triggers such as waveform update rate, zone touch trigger etc.


  1. InfiniiVision general operations
  2. Waveform Update Rate
  3. Zone Touch Trigger
  4. Segmented Memory
  5. Frequency Response Analysis


Find the Source of your Board’s Crosstalk

Learn on how to make use of the state-of-the-art technology from Keysight Oscilloscope to ‘sniff’ out the source of your crosstalk that is causing your circuit’s unexpected behaviour.

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SPEAKER: Keysight_P2