Aven's SharpVue video inspection system provides an autofocus high-definition camera with optical magnification of up to 30X and digital magnification of up to 300X, along with a working distance of 9in. With the inspection system, images can be viewed on a high-definition monitor, eliminating the eye strain and neck fatigue associated with frequent microscope use.

SharpVue produces high-quality HD images without any distortion or delay. Built-in LED lighting ensures shadow-free illumination, while a wireless remote allows users to access system functions, control brightness, zoom in and out, turn autofocus on or off and insert a cross hair.

The inspection system furnishes HDMI and USB outputs for connection to an HD monitor and computer. Supplied software lets users capture images and record video, as well as make measurements and annotations. Optional accessories for the SharpVue inspection system include an X-Y sliding table, a tilting table and an HDMI image-capture unit.