A foldable on-cell touch AMOLED developed by Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) integrates a low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) TFT back panel based on its FlexUP technology and features gate driver-on-array (GOA) and chip-on-plastic (COP) technologies.

The Taiwanese research centre adopted a transparent plastic cover plate with gas barrier and touch functions on top of the flexible display it aims at foldable tablets and smart handheld devices.

The new display was demonstrated at the recently held Touch Taiwan 2016 along with other flexible display and touch technologies, including an organic 350°C-withstanding un-yellowed flexible transparent substrate, high temperature resistant transparent filling material and a foldable abrasion resistance protective layer for OLED touch panels.

The research centre has licensed its technology to display makers such as AU Optronics who also showcased a foldable touch-enabled AMOLED during the exhibition, winning the gold-panel award for 2016. With 1280pi x 720pi, the 5in display boasted resolution of 295 PPI while being only 0.1mm thin, including the in-cell touch layer. The touch-enabled flexible OLED panel is said to withstand over a million folding cycles at a radius of 4mm. The colour gamut is specified 100% NTSC.