Marvell has expanded its solid-state drive (SSD) portfolio to include the 88NV1160 Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Express DRAM-less SSD controller.

Marvell’s 88NV1160 DRAM-less SSD controller provides the industry’s leading performance per watt and up to 1600MB/s read speeds. The 88NV1160 can be used in a single ball grid array (BGA) package SSD, as well as in a standalone controller in a 9mm x 10mm package, making it compatible with M.2230 and M.2242 form factors.

These features make the 88NV1160 optimised for a new generation of slim computing devices such as productivity tablets and ultrabooks. The new controller is currently available for sampling to key customers globally.

The 88NV1160 is the latest solution in Marvell’s line of DRAM-less SSD controllers which includes its 88NV1120 SATA and 88NV1140 PCIe Gen3x1 NVMe products. Marvell’s 88NV1160 enables Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) Gen3x2 Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) BGA SSD, and provides full support for 2D and 3D NAND, ONFI and Toggle, MLC, TLC and QLC.

The 88NV1160 facilitates BGA SSD support for both 16mm x 20mm and 11.5mm x 13mm form factors.