Japanese automotive components manufacturer Denso has started deploying Toshiba's Visconti 4 image recognition processor in the company's front-camera-based active safety systems.

Equipped with eight media processing engines, Toshiba's Visconti 4 provides drivers with real-time analytics of road conditions and potential dangers, according to the company. It can detect and analyse camera-generated images and recognises traffic lanes, both parked and moving vehicles, traffic signs and signals, headlights of oncoming vehicles, as well as bicyclists and pedestrians.

Toshiba said Visconti 4 has double the number of processing engines of its predecessor, the Visconti 2, which is used by Denso since 2015. It also integrates a new image recognition algorithm, Enhanced CoHOG Accelerator, which Toshiba said delivers enhanced processing of luminance differences between objects and their backgrounds to better detect pedestrians at night and low light conditions.

Toshiba and Denso are also cooperating in AI, on the development of deep neural network-intellectual property (DNN-IP) for use in image recognition, and plan to bring the technology to future additions to the Visconti series.