Yamaichi Electronics, a provider of CFP high-speed connectors for hot-pluggable optical transceiver form factors to enable 100Gbit/s applications, has introduced its CFP2 56Gbit/s host and plug connector system. According to the company, it is mainly used for analogue coherent optics modules or CFP2 modules requiring reliable high-speed performance, and can support applications using 25Gbit/s x 10 channels or 50Gbit/s x four channels.

EEOL 2016JUN14 NET NP 06

Designed in accordance with the MSA specification, the CFP2 56G connectors boast improved insertion loss and return loss by about 2dB, compared with general CFP2 28Gbit/s connectors in the market, stated the company. At 28GHz, the insertion loss of CFP2 28Gbit/s connector is -4.5dB whereas the CFP2 56Gbit/s connector has only -2dB. S-parameter and all measurement reports such as insertion loss, return loss, and cross talk can be provided on request.

The CFP2 56G connectors are mechanically-compatible with the CFP2 28Gbit/s connector, and are thus mating-compatible. The mechanical kit of CFP2 28Gbit/s connectors, which includes cage, connector cover, heatsink and clip, can be used with the CFP2 56Gbit/s connector, noted the company.