Epson has expanded its line-up of industrial selective compliance assembly robot arm (SCARA) robots with the addition of the new T series.

Epson's existing line-up of 3kg payload industrial SCARA robots includes the G3 series, RS3 series and LS3 series. G3 series robots have an established reputation for speed, precision and low vibration. RS3 series robots are mounted overhead and thus use the work envelope with maximum efficiency. LS3 series robots offer high performance at a low cost.

T3, the first product in the T series, is designed primarily for simple material handling applications, such as test machine loading and unloading, according to Epson. It provides companies with the opportunity to free operators from repetitive and non-creative tasks such as transporting components, which to date had not been performed by robots due to financial concerns.

T3 features a built-in controller, which saves space and simplifies robot setup and redeployment. It also has a battery-less motor unit, as well as an end-effector I/O port and a short stable cable conduit, which contains pneumatic hoses as well as electrical cables.

Finally, the T3 has 30% better energy performance (power consumption: 0.66kVA) than conventional SCARA robots. The T3 also runs on a single-phase alternating current at input voltages ranging from 100V to 240V, meaning that it can also be used in facilities where a large power supply is not available.

The T3 will be released in limited markets beginning in late March, with a gradual rollout in other regions to follow.