STMicroelectronics, has recorded cumulative sales of over one billion units for its ST33 embedded-security ICs.

  • ST33 secure element combines strong cyber-protection with innovative configuration for next-gen applications

The popularity of the ST33 family reflects the growing imperative to protect data and systems in secure mobile-consumer, smart-driving, smart-industry and smart-cities applications. Based on a common certified secure platform featuring state-of-the-art cyber protection, the ST33 family’s flexible architecture has enabled ST to lead the development of new classes of security chips including embedded SIMs (eSIMs), embedded Secure Elements (eSEs), and Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs). These provide hardened security in design-in- and user-friendly form factors, combining convenience with strong resistance to cyber-attacks.

The ST33 is the embedded-security platform chosen by SIM vendors, Operating System developers, and major Tier-1 manufacturers producing equipment such as smartphones, wearables, security readers, desktop PCs and servers. ST33 secure chips have been selected by major smartphone OEMs to deploy new eSIM based devices, taking advantage of a smaller and thinner WLCSP (Wafer Level Chip Scale Package) package and GSMA-compliant Personalization-on-Wafer industrial flow.

In 2018, ST was the first chip manufacturer to earn the GSMA SAS-UP (Security Accreditation Scheme for UICC Production) certification to personalize ST33 eSIMs for mobiles and connected IoT devices with no further programming required by the OEMs.

ST33 secure microcontrollers are available in a wide range of variants offering a choice of features including connectivity to an NFC controller, hardware accelerators for advanced cryptographic functions, as well as industry-grade and automotive–grade qualifications.