According to application and process improvement of diode, the new requirement cannot be satisfied by traditional wire bonding or soldering diode process, especially the handheld device required lighter, thinner but more battery capacity. The size of PCB is getting smaller. The new challenge for electrical parts manufacturer is not only improving product electrical capability but also shrinking the body dimension.

Comchip was focus on ultra-small diode assembly technology development for a decade. Now we are very happy to introduce the brand new ultra-small diode package technology, so call Full-pack WLCSP. It’s the smallest diode in the world, DFN0402 (01005) package. Comchip’s WLCSP is a full package with 6 sides epoxy protection. It’s different from normal WLCSP bare die parts or two side epoxy protection parts.

The full-pack WLCSP technologies break through many capabilities limited in discrete semiconductor parts. The advantages are smaller body dimension in the same power dissipation, higher power in the same package size, better heat dissipation than wire or clip bonding process.

The WLCSP is a brand-new package technique for discrete semiconductor parts and space limited application demands. This package is optimized by increasing of utilization ratio on a package and by reduction of the impedance of the package. It satisfies the demands of mainstream product in the market.

According to the success of DFN0402 full-pack WLCSP, Comchip is going to develop more advanced discrete semiconductor parts reflect the market future demands