Linear Technology's LT8610AX achieves efficiency of over 90%, while operating in ambient temperatures of up to 175°C. Its 3.7V to 42V input voltage range makes the part useful for high-temperature applications like down-hole drilling equipment with power sources ranging from 5V to 40V.

A 42V input-capable synchronous step-down switching regulator, 5he LT8610AX’s electrical parameters are 100% tested at 175°C, offering VREF accuracy to within ±2% over the entire operating temperature range of -40°C to +175°C. Burst mode operation keeps quiescent current under 3.5µA in no-load standby conditions and output ripple below 10mV pk-pk. Current-mode topology enables fast transient response and good loop stability.

Linear buck regulator

The 3.5A regulator integrates top and bottom high-efficiency power switches with the necessary control and logic circuitry, boost diode, and oscillator into a single die, eliminating the need for external Schottky diodes. Specialised Cu/Ni/Au bond-pad plating ensures long life in high-temperature environments.

Housed in a 16-lead plastic MSOP, the LT8610AX costs $125 each in lots of 1,000 units. Delivery is from stock.