2022-08-12 - NEXCOM

NEXCOM Expands Arm SystemReady Certified Product Selection

NEXCOM continues to collaborate with Arm and NXP Semiconductors on developing network appliances for wireless broadband applications.

2022-08-12 - Prof. Eric Bogatin, Teledyne LeCroy Fellow

Only Measuring Board-level Power Rail Noise May Be Misleading, Effects of PDN Design

Power rail measurements made with an oscilloscope are important because they can identify potential sources of noise before they become a problem.

2022-08-12 - Clientron

Improve Checkout Efficiency with Adjustable POS Scanners

Clientron recently introduced a POS system with an innovative adjustable barcode scanner for scanning barcodes from multiple orientations.

2022-08-12 - IC Insights

U.S. Chip Suppliers Continue to Dominate R&D Spending

American companies continue to account for more than half of the global chip industry's total spending on R&D, according to…

2022-08-12 - Newsight Imaging Ltd

Newsight Imaging Joins NVIDIA Inception

Membership in Inception will enable Newsight to expand its approach to the automotive depth-vision ecosystem.

2022-08-12 - TMY Technology Inc.

TMYTEK Rapid mmWave Prototyping Solution Unlocks NI’s Advanced Wireless Communication, Sensing Capabilities

TMYTEK's ready-to-use mmWave prototyping platform helps accelerate the process from prototyping to commercialization.

2022-08-11 - TrendForce

Consumer DRAM Market to See 13-18% Price Declines

3Q consumer DRAM price declines are expected to increase from the original estimate of 8~13% to a quarterly decline of…

2022-08-11 - Siemens Digital Industries Software

Microsoft Taps Siemens for RAMP Program

Siemens Digital Industries Software was selected to participate in the Rapid Assured Microelectronics Prototypes (RAMP) Phase II initiative.

2022-08-11 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

Renesas MPUs Simplify Implementation of Network Functionality in Industrial Equipment

Renesas' RZ/N2L MPUs for industrial Ethernet communication make it easy to add network functionality to industrial equipment and devices.

2022-08-11 - Digi-Key Electronics

Digi-Key Now Stocking u-blox XPLR-IoT-1 Kit

The XPLR-IoT-1 kit is a ready-to-use development platform with key IoT components and services for many different use cases and…

2022-08-11 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

E-Mobility: How to Build a Talent Pool

To power e-mobility forward, companies will have to upskill and reskill the workforce to meet the demand for greater flexibility…

2022-08-11 - Ludger Boeggering and Samuele Falcomer, u-blox

Why the 400-MHz Spectrum is Perfect for Critical Communication

With long ranges, excellent signal penetration, and many base station networks already in place, the 400-MHz spectrum forms the ideal…