2022-08-18 - TrendForce

TrendForce: New US EDA Software Ban May Affect China’s Advanced IC Design

Without US-based EDA tools, Chinese IC design will experience developmental difficulties from initial chip design to back-end system design.

2022-08-18 - MemryX Inc.

MemryX Starts Sampling of AI Accelerator Chip

MemryX's revolutionary MX3 AI Accelerator is designed to become the easiest-to-use and most efficient edge AI accelerator.

2022-08-18 - Cardea Bio Inc.

Cardea Eyes Millionth Biosensor in 2023

Since its founding in late 2013, Cardea's scientists have been pioneering the development of the world's first mass produced biocompatible…

2022-08-18 - Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

New Pact Brings Us Closer to Software-Defined Cars

In order for the transition to the software-defined car to be successful, it is necessary to have a platform that…

2022-08-18 - Sai Srinivas C. Petluru

What We Can Learn About EV and Charging Challenges

A significant obstacle to widespread EV adoption is the need for reliable and accessible charging infrastructure.

2022-08-17 - Steve Shih, Silicon Motion

Silicon Motion NAND Memory Solutions for Autonomous and Electric Automotive Applications

NAND memory offers the only storage solution that is fast, rugged and secure enough for the new architectures being implemented…

2022-08-17 - Dr. Eyal Cohen, Cognifiber

Photonics Computing Breakthroughs are Converting Decades-Long Skeptics

The photonics sector is coming into the light, bringing promise to companies who seek to scale their real-time computing capabilities…

2022-08-17 - TrendForce

Global NEV Sales Up 54% in 2Q22

The new car market remained under the shadow of supply chain shortages and the pandemic in 2Q22, but NEVs still…

2022-08-17 - Synopsys Inc.

Majority of Organizations Increasing Their Software Supply Chain Security Efforts

In response to software supply chain attacks such as Log4Shell, SolarWinds, and Kaseya, 73% of organizations surveyed say they have…

2022-08-17 - Mouser Electronics Inc.

Mouser Electronics Adds Over 20,000 New Parts in 2Q 2022

Last quarter, Mouser launched more than 20,000 part numbers ready for shipment, including over 14,000 in April alone.

2022-08-17 - Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Semiconductor Unveils Its First Wi-Fi Chip

Expansion into Wi-Fi means Nordic's ultra-low-power wireless IoT product range now covers Bluetooth, cellular IoT and Wi-Fi.

2022-08-17 - Sally Ward-Foxton

Hot Chips Just Around the Corner

Look out for dozens of interesting AI chips, Intel, and Tesla keynotes and tutorials on CXL and MLIR at Hot…