New High-Speed CO2 Sensor for Real-Time Measurements

Article By : Gas Sensing Solutions

SprintIR-R CO2 sensor has 50Hz measurement rate

Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) has launched a new ultra-high-speed CO₂ sensor. The SprintIR-R takes a reading every 20 milliseconds, making it amongst the fastest solid-state CO2 sensors available today.

The SprintIR-R sensor allows the user to measure CO2 levels in real-time with high accuracy. This capability enables designers to integrate CO2 measurement capability into new generations of equipment; healthcare professionals can monitor CO2 levels in patients’ breath in real-time when using respiratory machines; or measure CO2 levels in food packaging on a production line where the gas is used to extend shelf-life.

The SprintIR-R is based on GSS proprietary solid-state non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) LED technology, where the sensor measures concentration levels by analysing the amount of light absorbed by the CO2 gas. The ability to measure CO2 gas levels at unprecedented rates is due to a combination of GSS solid date detection technology with its inherent high response rate, and special optical design techniques.

Julian Hayes, CEO of Gas Sensing Solutions said “The introduction of the SprintIR-R CO2 sensor enables our customers to take near real-time readings. This is essential for applications such as capnography and Modified Atmosphere Packaging where CO₂ levels are changing rapidly.”

The SprintIR-R is released to production. A customer evaluation kit is also available, enabling users to easily assess the performance of the SprintIR-R. Each kit contains a SprintIR-R CO₂ sensor, USB cable to connect to a PC and software to allow the user to control and configure the sensor.

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