Network analyser delivers accuracy up to 120GHz

Article By : Keysight Technologies

The N5290/91A analysers deliver magnitude stability of less than 0.015dB and phase stability of less than 0.15 degrees, according to Keysight Technologies.

Keysight Technologies' new broadband millimetre-wave network analyser delivers system-level accuracy of up to 120GHz and produces metrology-grade results that allow developers to characterise their millimetre-wave designs.

The N5290/91A analysers enhance device characterisation and modelling by delivering stability and accuracy for on-wafer and connectorised measurements, according to the company. Magnitude stability is less than 0.015 dB and phase accuracy is less than 0.15 degrees over a 24-hour period, while its calibration capabilities are based on an improved-accuracy database that supports a 1mm calibration kit (85059B) and a 1mm verification kit (85059V).

Core elements of the system are a Keysight PNA or PNA-X network analyser, along with N5293A Series compact frequency extenders and the N5292A test-set controller. To simplify benchtop measurements, engineers can mount the frequency extenders on an optional desktop positioner.

Ruggedised 1mm test ports ensure repeatable connections that improve calibration uncertainty and therefore system-level measurement precision, according to the company. Users can apply automatic fixture de-embedding to connectorised measurements or perform calibration at the probe tips during on-wafer measurements.

Meanwhile, the optional 900Hz start frequency, enables engineers to characterise the low-frequency performance of their devices, which is especially useful when measuring the low-loss transmission line structures that are commonly used in high-speed digital applications.

The broadband millimetre-wave analysers also support a variety of Keysight's measurement applications, including complete characterisation of amplifiers and frequency converters (gain compression software option), measurements of mixers and frequency converters (scalar mixer software option) and calibrated multi-channel spectrum measurements (extended spectrum analyser software option).

Keysight is also introducing a multi-touch user interface (UI) for all models in the PNA Series of network analysers. Updates to the UI include a 12.1-inch widescreen display; easy access to frequently used functions; quick set-ups using touch-activated tabbed softkeys and dialog menus; and intuitive single- and multi-touch gestures to drag-and-drop or magnify traces.

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