Navitas’ Gene Sheridan Highlights Why GaN Technology for Power Electronics

Article By : Stephen Las Marias

Navitas Co-Founder and CEO Gene Sheridan talks about the key advantages of using GaN, and how it edges out silicon, in power electronics.

What’s happening in the power management space amid the never-ending drive to lower power consumption in more and more complex technologies and applications? What about in applications dealing with higher and higher voltages? This month’s In Focus highlights the various design developments and manufacturing strategies happening in the power management segment.

Navitas Semiconductor develops ultra-efficient gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors that are revolutionizing the world of power electronics in terms of efficiency, performance, size, cost, and sustainability.

Founded in 2014, Navitas is the only GaN company to monolithically integrate GaN power with drive, control, and protection into a single-chip integrated circuit (IC). Its GaNFast ICs are easy-to-use “digital in, power out” building blocks that enable up to one hundred times faster switching speeds while increasing energy savings by as much as 40%.

In an interview with EE Times Asia In Focus, Navitas Co-Founder and CEO Gene Sheridan talks about the key advantages of using GaN—and how it edges out silicon—in power electronics, as well as market sectors seeing increasing adoption of GaN technology.

He also talks about how the ecosystem around GaN is developing and provides his outlook for the GaN industry.

Watch the interview below.


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