NanoBridgesemi Wins Tech Innovation Excellence Award in Taiwan Innotech Expo

Article By : NanoBridge Semiconductor

NanoBridge Semiconductor has patented its core technology—the NanoBridge FPGA.

NanoBridgesemi’s Atomic Switches Aim for the Stars!

NanoBridge Semiconductor Inc. (NBS) has patented its core technology – the NanoBridge FPGA (NB-FPGA). FPGAs are chips that contain reprogrammable logic gates, and therefore, they are sometimes referred to as universal chips. However, current mainstream FPGAs require a consistent power supply, and internal settings are lost when power is lost.

“One of the biggest features of NB-FPGAs is the ability to retain array configurations, even without power,” explained NanoBridge CEO Tadahiko Sugibayashi.

Takunei Kuwaki, Adviser of NanoBridgesemi

Strengthening Ties and Future Cooperation in Taiwan

The NBS team, spearheaded by Tadahiko Sugibayashi, Munehiro Tada, and Toshitsugu Sakamoto, spun off from the NEC in 2019. They continued working on the technologies started in the NEC and finally secured Series A financing from Japan Industrial Partners and NEC in 2020.

“Starting your own company means you are responsible for raising funds, and these responsibilities provoked us to step beyond Japan to gain more market exposure,” Tada.

“Just two weeks before the TIE Awards deadline, we were notified of our candidature by TCA Japan. This recognition is not only a great honor but also encouragement for us to push forward,” said Sugibayashi. “Taiwan’s semiconductor industry is one of the most important industrial settlements in the world. We have always aspired to collaborate with Taiwanese enterprises. With this award, we hope to strengthen our ties with the Taiwanese semiconductor industry and uncover even more applications for NB-FPGAs in the future.”

Watch the video interview at TIE below.


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