Lucky Draw for Members

Lucky Draw

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We are launching the third round of online raffle for all our readers and subscribers of EE Times Asia, EE Times India, and EDN Asia.

Sign in then click the “Join Now” button for a chance to win.   Click to register first if you are not a member.


Winners of the third round:

Thank you for participating in the lucky draw. The winners of the third round are announced as follows:

Apple AirPods Cat*** Cha*** Cat******
$35 ari*** nan*** nan******
$35 Ste*** Mat*** mat******
$25 Mar*** Che*** che******
$25 Nev*** reg*** Nev******
$25 Nak*** ama*** ama******
$20 *** BER*** ber******
$20 Kje*** Sui*** kje******
$20 cos*** shi*** shi******
$20 pre*** tok*** pre******
$10 Jef*** Lam*** lam******
$10 Mic*** Per*** mic******
$10 Kum*** Fra*** kau******
$10 Cha*** Wei*** Wei******
$10 Kas*** Jen*** tan******
$5 Chi*** Ji*** bab******
$5 Rg*** Gup*** rg0******
$5 Suj*** Lid*** suj******
$5 Chu*** Won*** chu******
$5 Joi*** ska*** joi******
$5 ape*** ape*** ape******
$5 Nik*** aka*** nit******
$5 She*** Lin*** lin******
$5 sto*** Hua*** sto******
$5 cha*** zha*** zcw******
$5 Chi*** Cin*** chi******
$5 Kon*** wai*** kon******
$5 Cab*** Den*** Cab******
$5 hak*** yam*** hak******
$5 Bra*** Smi*** bra******

The confirm email will be sent to you from Oct. 1. Please pay attention to the email from, and reply to the email before 18:00 on Oct. 8, 2021.

Winners of the second round:

Thank you for participating in the lucky draw. The winners of the second round are announced as follows:

Apple AirPods Nic*** Jia*** nic******
$35 Sab*** grr*** sab******
$35 Jay*** hal*** jay******
$25 Dec*** Bek*** dec******
$25 Adn*** Jen*** adn******
$25 And*** Zhe*** and******
$20 SIV*** SUP*** siv******
$20 Ste*** Kab*** ume******
$20 Vit*** Rob*** var******
$20 Dam*** Kam*** dam******
$10 Aru*** KS*** aru******
$10 Leo*** Loo*** leo******
$10 Wee*** Yio*** wm_******
$10 Mah*** Ken*** mah******
$10 gur*** Anh*** gur******
$5 Bon*** Lee*** bon******
$5 Ram*** Dha*** d.r******
$5 Sur*** Sub*** vis******
$5 Eis*** ITO*** eit******
$5 Gui*** Ami*** gfa******
$5 Sat*** Med*** sat******
$5 Jes*** S D*** jes******
$5 Dom*** Her*** d.c******
$5 Mar*** Ass*** mar******
$5 Rus*** Jaw*** rsj******
$5 Bal*** M*** bal******
$5 Joh*** Che*** tho******
$5 Hen*** Zhe*** ken******
$5 Ste*** Phi*** adr******
$5 Gar*** Che*** gar******


Winners of the first round:

Apple AirPods Pro sto*** kty*** aio******
$35 Jes*** Che*** Jes******
$35 ste*** gux*** gux******
$25 SUB*** SUB*** kum******
$25 Chy*** Kho*** chy******
$25 Bhu*** Tha*** bkt******
$20 sam*** LOK*** sam******
$20 Ana*** ANA*** ana******
$20 jus*** loh*** jus******
$20 Jac*** M*** 446******
$10 Vic*** Tag*** vic******
$10 Kje*** Sui*** jet******
$10 Moh*** Sag*** tmm******
$10 Chi*** Cla*** shc******
$10 Ray*** Mon*** ray******
$5 *** *** kue******
$5 Che*** Bha*** che******
$5 Kri*** Rao*** kri******
$5 hon*** fay*** fay******
$5 One*** Dar*** der******
$5 Sol*** Mad*** som******
$5 Gra*** Arv*** arv******
$5 bob*** ser*** bot******
$5 Joh*** Ker*** joh******
$5 Tro*** Joy*** joy******
$5 Lau*** Ren*** alt******
$5 Ong*** Art*** ash******
$5 H*** Ran*** hwe******
$5 Lew*** Sam*** sam******
$5 Arr*** Ger*** ach******


Draw Periods:

Three rounds in total.

Round 1: From 25 June to 27 July

Round 2: From 1 August to 31 August

Round 3: From 1 September to 30 September


Lottery rules:

  • Log in to join the raffle. Each member can only join once.
  • Winners are drawn and  announced at the end of every round.

Lucky Draw Flow



  • First prize: Apple AirPods Pro
  • Second prize: Amazon $35 eGift card, Amazon $25 eGift card, Amazon $20 eGift card
  • Third prize: Amazon $10 eGift card, Amazon $5 eGift card


1. Why can’t I find the Activate or Reset email in my inbox?

A: The email might have been mistakenly flagged as ‘spam’ and was intercepted. Please try to find it in your Spam or Junk folder, and then follow the prompts to complete the account registration and activation.

2. Can I join the draw if I am not a member of EE Times Asia, EE Times India, or EDN Asia?

A: No. Registration is required to join the lucky draw.

3. How can I become a member and join the lucky draw?

A: You must register and subscribe first to any or all of the below newsletters:

EE Times Asia
EE Times India
EDN Asia

Then, just log in to join the lucky draw.


If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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