Large Area TFT Display Unit Shipments Reached Historical Record High at $219.6m in 2Q20

Article By : Omdia

Display demands for IT applications are surging in Q2 2020 with the increasing trends of remote work and online schooling ignited by COVID-19 pandemic. It is forecast Q3 2020 large area TFT display shipment will increase 3% QoQ and 13% YoY with continuous strong IT display demands and better TV market outlook from brands and retailers.

Industry worried about large area TFT display shipments decline in Q2 2020 because industry peers had negative expectation on large area TFT display shipments because of COVID-19 pandemic. However, the result was beyond expectation. Large area TFT display unit shipment in Q2 2020 reached historical record high at 219.6 million with 26% QoQ and 17% YoY.  which is 12% higher than previous forecast 196 million in Q2 2020 from Omdia large area display market tracker Q1 2020.

“Strong IT panel shipments such as tablet PC, notebook PC and monitor panels are leading the growth. Tablet PC panel unit shipments increased 54% QoQ, notebook PC 46% QoQ and Monitor 30% QoQ in Q2 2020. Demands for those IT products are surging due to remote work and online home school driven by COVID-19 pandemic. TV display unit shipment growth was not so positive with 1% QoQ, -8% YoY because TV brands reduced display procurements and set productions along with each countries’ lock down policies and big worries about end market demand. It brought LCD TV display price erosion in Q2 2020.” Peter Su, Principal analyst of Omdia said.

It is forecast large are TFT display unit shipment will reach 226.5 million with 3% QoQ and 13% YoY growth in Q3 2020. “IT display demands will sustain strong while LCD TV display demand increasing with 7% QoQ growth in Q3 2020. TV brands and retailers are suffering from low TV set inventories toward year-end shopping season while the demand looks concrete. It causes LCD TV display price increase in Q3 2020” Peter Su added.

Large are TFT display Q2 2020 shipments result
 Million unit Q2 20 Growth (QoQ) Growth (YoY)
 Unit shipments 219.6 26% 17%

A Chinese panel maker, BOE continues its largest market share in unit shipment for large area TFT displays in Q2 2020 followed by Innolux and LG Display

BOE continues its leadership for large area TFT unit shipments in Q2 2020. BOE took 28.2% in unit shipments followed by Innolux with 15.3 and LG Display with 13.8%. BOE is only one player who takes more than 20% share of shipments. Another Chinese panel maker, ChinaStar is rising particularly for area shipment. ChinaStar took 6th in large area TFT display unit shipment share but they took 2nd largest share of area shipment in Q2 2020 with 13.2% right behind BOE with 21.3% because China Star took 16.9% share of TV display area shipments as 2nd largest player behind BOE with 19.2% in Q2 2020.

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