Infineon production goes smart in Singapore

Article By : Vivek Nanda

Infineon will invest $74.5 million to pilot Industry 4.0 at its Singapore backend manufacturing plant and partner production sites.

Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd has just announced that it is undertaking digital, horizontal and vertical integration of its manufacturing value chain—an exercise in implementing the fundamentals of Industry 4.0—at its Singapore backend manufacturing plant. The plan will require Infineon to spend €70 million ($74.5 million or S$105.36 million) for 5-year planned investments and other expenditure.

Infineon also announced that it's Smart Enterprise programme addresses the impact of skillset and work environment changes faced by engineers, technicians and operators. “The Smart Enterprise programme aims to take full advantage of the entire production value network capability and improves Infineon’s competitiveness via innovation, quality and productivity,” said Andrew Chong, President and Managing Director of Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific, in a press release.

Infineon claimed that their operations in Singapore have the cross functional expertise required for implementing such a smart manufacturing project.

[AndrewChong Infineon 600x426 cr]
Figure 1: Andrew Chong: "We can leverage on a conducive research and development ecosystem and supportive policies for high value added manufacturing in Singapore."

At the Singapore Economic Development Board, Lim Kok Kiang, Assistant Managing Director said, “The adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies is a critical next step for Singapore, and a key enabler will be our workforce. We are therefore working closely with companies, such as Infineon, to identify the skills and training required by Singaporeans to ensure they can take on good and exciting job opportunities as we transform our manufacturing sector.”

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