Infineon-powers iPass-ready wearables in Taiwan

Article By : Infineon Technologies

The company has secured new smart wearables for Taiwan's transport ticketing system.

Commuters in Taiwan now have a new range of secured iPass-ready wearables at hand.

Infineon Technologies is providing its Boosted NFC secure element solutions for wearables performing secured transactions, such as transport ticketing and micropayment. In the recently launched K.R.T. Girls themed wrist straps and Garmin’s Vivosmart HR fitness tracker, the certified solution enables contactless data transmission.

Wearers of the Garmin fitness trackers, for example, will be able to ride Taiwan’s Metro Rapid Transit, Taiwan Railways, ferries, busses, taxis and public bike systems with a light tap of their wrist bands on the iPass card readers. They can also pay at four major convenience store chains in Taiwan, covering 13,000 locations around the island at many tourist sites, gas stations and hospitals.

The transportation ticketing and micro payments functionalities are made possible with Infineon’s Boosted NFC secure element solution. It offers:

  • Bank-level security–proven and reliable security based on globally recognized standards such as Common Criteria EAL5+/6+ and EMVCo;
  • Scalability–a range of boosted NFC SE products from 240KB to 1MB of embedded memory, scalable for single or multiple applications with over-the-air administration;
  • Small footprint with low power–requiring 80% less printed circuit board footprint and only 75% stand-by power of conventional NFC solutions, both being crucial for smart wearable devices.

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