Improving Checkout Efficiency in POS Terminals

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Clientron's PST750 Printer POS Terminal is an all-in-one system with a 15" projected capacitive touch screen and a high-speed thermal printer.

As technology advances, POS systems are becoming increasingly efficient and adding greater capabilities. Modern, low-profile terminals can save space and enhance your checkout efficiency. If you’re using an older system, it is the time for you to upgrade to Clientron’s PST750 Printer POS Terminal.

How to Know When to Upgrade Your POS System

If your current system is not running efficiently or if it’s causing problems for your customers, an upgrade will save money in the long run. Ask yourself the following questions, and if you answer “Yes,” especially to more than one of them, it is probably the right time to upgrade.

  • Is your software too slow?
  • Does your system crash frequently?
  • Does your receipt printer often fail to print?
  • Is it hard work to maintain your terminals?
  • Do your employees need a lot of training to use your system?
  • Is your system compatible with the payment processors your customers prefer?
  • Would new software be compatible with your current hardware?
  • Would new peripherals be compatible with your current hardware?
  • Would you benefit from a smaller terminal?
  • Can your current system provide a self-checkout option for customers?

Clientron PST750 POS with Integrated Printer Inside

Clientron’s PST750 Printer POS Terminal is an all-in-one system with a 15″ projected capacitive touch screen and a high-speed thermal printer. It shares all the features of the advanced PT2500 POS platform and add embedded printing capability inside. With its sleek design, it saves space while still providing a large and easy-to-read display screen. The PST750 has proven to be an ideal solution for many retail shops and hospitality businesses.

High Performance

The speed and efficiency of the PST750 are due to 7th generation Intel processors, such as the Intel Celeron 3965U 2.20 GHz and Intel Core i7-7500U 3.50 GHz. These powerful and energy-efficient processors allow for a seamless customer experience with a much faster transaction speed than older systems can provide. They also support a wide variety of functions and peripherals. By upgrading to a PST750, you’ll be spending less time waiting for transactions to process and troubleshooting problems.

Attractive Design

As technology evolves, devices tend to get smaller and more streamlined. Because new POS terminals do more with less hardware, older models can look clunky and awkward when compared to the latest designs. The PST750 POS terminal from Clientron is sleek and attractive, fitting well into any environment. By upgrading to a PST750 system, you’ll be able to save counter space and modernize the look of your checkout area.

Easy to Maintain

The PST750 terminal has a display screen with an ingress-protection (IP) rating of IP64, meaning that the screen is waterproof, dust-proof, and scratch-proof. Thanks to its protective coating, the display stays clean and clear after hours of use. Furthermore, you can simply wipe the bezel-free screen with a cloth to remove oils. Not only is the screen easy to clean, but the terminal also provides easy access to the receipt printer with a back cover that simply lifts off with no need for a screwdriver. Moreover, the system’s hard drive sits in an easy-to-open tray at the top of the terminal, making installation a breeze.

More Peripherals Supported

Another great feature of the PST750 is the fact that you can expand the functions of the terminal as needed. The PST750 system supports a wide range of peripherals that you can mount via COM ports or USB ports on either side of the display screen. Options include a barcode scanner, a vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) for customers, a second display screen, a magnetic stripe reader (MSR), an iButton, and a WiFi module.

Multiple Printer Options

Thermal printers are ideal for most retail environments because they are fast and quiet and produce a high-quality image. Because thermal printers use heat rather than ink to print images onto treated paper, you never have to worry about buying new ink. The PST750 system comes with a built-in 26 mm/sec high-speed thermal printer. However, it also integrates with other cube-style thermal receipt printers such as Epson and Seiko-brand printers. There is room to add a printer on the terminal stand without taking up any extra space on the counter or desktop.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading an older POS system is a worthwhile investment for your business. New terminals will modernize your checkout area and provide a smoother and more satisfying experience for employees and customers alike. Furthermore, you’ll be better able to meet your customers’ needs by expanding your payment options with the latest POS system.

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