IIoT growing faster than consumer IoT in China

Article By : Yorbe Zhang

The expectation is that China’s internet services and industrial applications will grow hand in hand to create diversified applications.

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The following data is derived from results of a survey conducted during 2016 China Industry Internet Conference held in Shenzhen last June. With a survey base of 350 participants, it partly reflects the overall development trend of China's IoT.

Is your company implementing or considering the strategic deployment of industrial 4.0, IIoT, or IoT?
[China IIoT 03 (cr)]
What’s the investment trend in the IIoT field of your company in the next years?
[China IIoT 04 (cr)]
What kind of industrial Ethernet protocol are you using?
[China IIoT 08 (cr)]
What kind of wireless protocol does your company use?
[China IIoT 05 (cr)]
What do you care most about the characteristics of industrial wireless products?
[China IIoT 06 (cr)]
The following list shows TOP 25 player in China’s IIoT market.
[China IIoT 07 (cr)]

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« Previously: China bets big on Industrial IoT

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