Hua Hong Semiconductor Achieves Mass Production of 12in Silicon Wafers on 90nm BCD

Article By : Hua Hong Semiconductor Ltd

Hua Hong Semiconductor has announced mass production of 12in silicon wafers on its 90nm BCD process.

Hua Hong Semiconductor Ltd has announced mass production of 12in silicon wafers on its 90nm BCD process. Featuring better electrical parameters and excellent yield due to the stability of its 12” process, Hua Hong’s 90nm BCD process provides a more competitive manufacturing solution for chip applications such as digital power supplies and digital audio amplifiers. The company is continuing to invest R&D resources to enhance the technical advantages of its process platform, further augmenting its CMOS and LDMOS offerings, enabling user access to greater design integration and flexibility, and providing customers with more cost-effective wafer foundry solutions.

Hua Hong Semiconductor has an advanced analog and power management IC process platform, covering 0.5um to 90nm technology nodes. It can be widely used in power management, industrial control, audio power amplifiers, indoor and outdoor lighting, automotive electronics, and other applications. This process platform is an excellent choice for DC-DC converters, AC-DC converters, LED lighting, battery management, and other products.

“With the increasing variety of intelligent hardware and application scenarios, the demand for power management chips continues to grow, and more challenging performance specifications are also being requested,” said Fan Heng, Executive Vice President of Hua Hong Semiconductor. “In power management, Hua Hong Semiconductor will continue in-depth exploration, accelerate technology deployment, enlarge our customer base, further consolidate and enhance the company’s technical advantages, keep pushing market boundaries, and empower green chip development.”

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