The broadcast booth here showcased a couple of multi-format exiters.

NEC's Big Data development managers explained how their Hyper Converged Fault Tolerant servers ease business continuity.

The Quantitative IHC Analysis Software was the main feature in the healthcare booth. NEC developed an automatic, quantitative IHC analysis without the need for human intervention. The advantages of the system include accurate specimen diagnoses and improved consistency of pathology tests through objective measurements.

The Express5800 Fault Tolerant server's hardware is delivered by two independent server nodes running in complete lock step.

The telecommunications booth featured optimised outdoor transport solutions for network densification and tactical coverage.

All the voice systems you deploy now can be provided on a single 4U rack server with compute, storage, networking and HA built in.

DM-3000 series' Multi Format Exiter has adapative digital correction. Its synthesiser also tunes to all VHF Bill and UHF channels.

The board-type codec and multiplexer from NEC's XF-700 series features a flexible broadcast system that can be constructed. It also has a power supply that can be configured as an optimum redundant system.

IPASOLINK SX (pictured left) is an outdoor transport network wave radio, suited for short-range transmission and is effective for small-cell links. The IPASOLINK EX, (pictured right) is also an outdoor wave radio, supporting the E-band frequency and is applicable for short-to-middle-range transmission, effective for macro-cell links.

The next booth aims to promote smart hospitality, staff mobility and collaboration in the hospitality industry.

The software enables the operator to send out and monitor tasks for the housekeeping staff - who are equipped with a HoTSOS smartphone, allowing unified communication and staff mobility.

The HotSOS UA5200 software is used by the housekeeping department of hotels, lodging and cruise lines.

The next booth showcased NEC's next-generation retail solutions.

NEC's Bus Fleet Solution (shown above) aims to streamline the logistics of public transportation in the city, allowing the bus driver to communicate to the control centre directly for possible engine troubles, estimated time of arrivals to the station, traffic jams and passenger information.

NEC Philippines kicked off its 20th anniversary last Wednesday (July 20) in an event themed 'NECHPH@20: Providing Breakthrough Technologies for a Breakout Economy.' EE Times Asia takes you on a tour of the booths showcasing innovative technologies that cater to the transportation, healthcare, hospitality and broadcast sectors. | Engineer Chris Chang from the transportation booth introduced solutions that address the challenges of today's public transport.

The Bus Fleet solution is currently being used in Japan, Hong Kong, India and Singapore.

The G5200 POS features a dual-display LCD and is the first pole POS in the market. The large display screen makes it ideal for retail management. The system runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

There's zero data loss or corruption for mission critical applications since there are two servers available.