Fujitsu Starts Mass-production of Automotive-Grade 4Mbit FRAM

Article By : Fujitsu Semiconductor Memory Solution Ltd

Fujitsu Semiconductor has started mass-production of 4Mbit FRAM devices suitable for automotive and industrial robot applications.

Fujitsu Semiconductor Memory Solution Ltd has started mass-production of 4Mbit FRAM MB85RS4MTY, which guarantees operation up to 125°C. Complying with AEC-Q100 Grade 1, a qualification requirement for products as “automotive grade,” this FRAM product is optimal for industrial robots and automotive applications such as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), which require electronic components with high reliability.

FRAM is a non-volatile memory product with superior features of high read/write endurance, fast writing speed operation and low power consumption, and it has been mass-produced for over 20 years.

Since mass-production of FRAM products capable to operate up to 125°C started in July 2017, its product lineup has been expanding. This time the 4Mbit FRAM MB85RS4MTY, which has the largest density in the 125°C-operating FRAM product family, is added to mass-production this month.

This FRAM with an SPI interface operates at a wide power supply voltage from 1.8V to 3.6V. In the temperature range from -40°C to 125°C, it guarantees 10 trillion read/write cycle times and low operating currents such as a maximum write current of 4mA (operated at 50MHz). It is housed in an 8-pin DFN (Dual Flatpack No-leaded) package.

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