EELife: AEM Senior Field Application Engineer Richard Chiu

Article By : Stephen Las Marias

“We all have to start somewhere. As long as we can grow continuously and face the difficulties without fear, it will be easy to seek a fulfilling job in the future.”

Richard Chiu has already done a lot in his 10 years in the engineering field. He has been a hardware design engineer, IC application engineer, IC field application engineer, and IC test engineer. At present, he is a senior field application engineer at AEM’s Hsinchu office in Taiwan.

“As a field application engineer, we need to work with our R&D team to generate test programs and do troubleshooting, meet customers’ request, present technical reports to them, and answer their questions. The position needs one to learn and absorb new knowledge continuously,” he says.

AEM is one of the leading semiconductor test solutions worldwide. According to Richard, one of the things he likes most about his job is the environment and opportunities for employees to grow in the company.

However, it is not without its challenges. “Cross-collaboration across offices is an important culture at AEM. I enjoy these opportunities to work with my colleagues in the United States and Europe. However, it does get challenging with the time differences,” says Richard. “Automation is also a critical factor for a company to be agile. There are efforts in automating many of the processes we have right now, so I look forward to how this will be more efficient.”

Another challenge is familiarization with the many different technologies in the company.

“I have to be familiar with our ATE instruments, our system level test software, and machines. My current challenge is learning and understanding our offerings,” he explains. “I sometimes reach out to my R&D colleagues for help, but they are often busy and do not have the time to answer my queries. This is understandable because they have multiple projects to handle. But everyone is very kind and is willing to answer my questions when they can.”

“I’m willing to learn by myself and discuss and ask questions continuously,” Richard says. “And also, to work hard. Doing these things familiarizes me with my job responsibilities faster and easier.”

Career growth

Richard has a master’s degree from the National Taipei University of Technology. “I’ve always wanted to be an engineer because I love to research and study new knowledge,” he says. “For instance, as hardware engineer, we designed PC board together, and verified the board’s function and bring-up. As IC application engineer, we measured the signal, verified IC performance based on the specifications.”

He says he has tried many different functions throughout his career because he wanted to learn more skills in different areas while he is still young. “I went through different challenges when I changed job types every time. It is difficult, but it is good to enhance my willpower and insights.”

His advice to students? Find out their interests, set up a goal, and keep the enthusiasm to learn.

“We all have to start somewhere. As long as we can grow continuously and face the difficulties without fear, it will be easy to seek a fulfilling job in the future,” Richard concludes.


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