E-scooter combines Rohm, Kionix sensors for safety, anti-theft features

Article By : EE Times Asia

EcoReco's Model R prototype employs smart sensors and wireless connectivity to bring convenience, comfort, safety and performance to a traditional design.

An innovative electric scooter is putting a new spin on personal electric vehicles.

EcoReco's Model R scooter prototype leverages smart sensors and wireless connectivity to deliver convenience, comfort, and performance. The scooter integrates Rohm's RPR-0521RS proximity + ambient light sensor along with Kionix's 6-axis accel-gyro combo sensor, KXG03.

The RPR-0521RS is used to calculate the approximate weight of the rider in order to optimise the throttle curve of the scooter, while the KXG03 provides a number of improvements by utilising proprietary sensor fusion software to clean up driving noise, activate kick extension/amplification mode without false starts, and perform auto brake and turn light operations.

In addition, when the KXG03 has determined that a crash has occurred, the phone will automatically send a message to the user's emergency contact. And for theft prevention if movement is detected via the accel-gyro when the scooter is in a ‘locked' state anti-theft routines will be initiated (i.e. alarm, notification).

Jay Sung, CEO at EcoReco, said, "We are making the most practical and versatile personal transportation available to solve the last-mile issue in urban environments," said Jay Sung, CEO at EcoReco. "Rohm's RPR-0521RS and KXG03 deliver the complete next-generation features and functionality we need to help us significantly reduce the product development time for the Model R."

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