Dry etching system allows uniform Descum, Ti process

Article By : EE Times Asia

The NA-1500 dry etching system provides stable transfer and processes without abnormal discharge, according to Ulvac.

Japanese vacuum equipment manufacturer Ulvac has unveiled the NA-1500 dry etching system for 600mm advanced packaging substrates, providing for uniform Descum and Ti etching processes.

High-density packaging technologies using wiring pattern miniaturisation, circuit resistance reduction and parasitic capacity removal have received attention to improve the quality of speedy and large information along with the expansion of the smart mobile with ‘big data’ market.

This means that the advanced thin mobile devices such as smartphones require thinner and higher pin count for IC package. To meet these demands, Fan-Out Wafer Level Package (FO-WLP) technologies have attracted attention and mass production has started since last year. As the next step, packaging manufacturers have increased substrate size (Panel Level Package) from 300mm to 600mm square to quintuple area ratio and significantly reduce FO-WLP production cost.

While there are many 200mm/300mm wafer dry etching systems in the market today, there was no dry etching system for 600mm substrates, providing for a uniform Descum process and Ti etching process.

Ulvac's NA-1500 dry etching system is made possible by enhancing the company's proven plasma source, which enables fast, low-temperature etching in the resin layer—a feat previously impossible with existing CCP methods.

Ulvac_NA-1500_01 (cr)
Figure 1: NA-1500 process chamber (Source: Ulvac)

Ulvac's plasma source is also applicable to fluorine gases, so seed layer Ti etching, which requires a wet process, can proceed without side etching, according to the company. SiO2 and SiN etching is available on the NA-1500 as well.

The NA-1500 dry etching system provides stable transfer and processes without abnormal discharge, ensuring warpage from the enlarged substrate is never an issue.

Aside from Descum process, the NA-1500 can also be used for Desmear procecc, surface treatments (pre-treatment for wet process and pre-treatment for underfill), resin material ashing, seed layer Ti etching and SiO2/SiN etching.

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