Winbond Security Solution 2020

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Winbond Security Solution 2020

Growth of secure data payloads

The requirement for secure storage has grown in recent years as more embedded systems have migrated to the Internet of Things (IoT), opening previously closed systems to the threat of network-borne hacking attacks and malware.

The world’s leading microcontroller manufacturers spied a lucrative opportunity in this new requirement to protect embedded processor-based systems: sustained marketing campaigns have positioned the microcontroller-based Secure Element in the minds of many embedded developers as the most secure and convenient way to provide the security functionality that their system designs require. In fact, there is another way which offers higher code storage capacity at lower cost, and provides the same security functionality and equally strong protection against external threats.

The W77Q and W75F are designed to cover the whole range of assurance levels mandated by the European Cybersecurity Act and other regulations. The W77Q is intended for use in consumer and industrial devices which need the security functions required for compliance with the Substantial and Basic assurance levels specified in the Act.

The W77Q supports conformance to the Common Criteria EAL2, SESIP and Arm® Platform Security Architecture (PSA) security specifications.

The W75F is certified for Common Criteria EAL5+, which means it is suitable for use in payment and communications devices, and in applications requiring the High assurance levels specified in the Cybersecurity Act.

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