Characterizing Self-Generated EMI for Wireless and IoT Products

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Characterizing Self-Generated EMI for Wireless and IoT Products

An increasing number of manufacturers are adding or retrofitting wireless technology into new or existing products.

The products that are benefiting include mobile, household, industrial, scientific, and medical devices. This technology transition is growing exponentially, however and with this growth come problems associated with Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

That problem, specifically, is EMI generated on the device’s board itself interfering with sensitive on-board cellular, GPS/GNSS, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth receivers. This is called “platform” or self-interference and it’s become a big problem for manufacturers


• Briefly describes wireless self-interference and its significance in IoT devices
• Defines broadband and narrow band interference and notes potential sources of each
• Provides techniques for observing potential sources using H-field probes and oscilloscopes with synchronized waveform and spectrum analysis capability
• Describes techniques using current probes and close-space antennas to look for EMI from cables and direct emissions in key communications bands
• Includes measurement examples using an LTE-connected IoT device

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