Optimizing SoC performance in-life with Embedded Analytics

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The embedded systems market will enjoy sustained growth through to 2024. Underneath this steady growth, there are strategic forces at play; in many aspects of our lives, increasingly intelligent systems will do the thinking for us. Intelligent 5G networks will self-tune to maximize their data throughput. Automation, with the help of AI, robotics, and the internet of things will play an increasing role in the operation of manufacturing. Vehicles will become ever more intelligent and autonomous.
This paper reviews the major trends affecting the technology industries and considers how Tessent Embedded Analytics can help optimize SoC performance, turning complexity into a competitive advantage. We introduce the Tessent Embedded Software Development Kit (Embedded SDK), a suite of software utilities that allows SoCs to be equipped with self-contained monitoring and analytics capabilities – enhancing the performance and value of embedded systems throughout their lifecycle.

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