NuMicro ML56 3-in-1 MCU: Touch Key, LCD, Low-Power

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Nuvoton NuMicro® ML56 series is 1T 8051 core based low-power microcontrollers, integrating with capacitive touch key and LCD driver. The ML56 series contains 64KB flash and 4KB SRAM, running at less than 100µA/MHz in normal run mode, and power down current is below 2uA with LCD panel retention. It provides operating frequency up to 24MHz, wide operating voltage from 1.8V to 3.6V and operating temperature -40°C to 105°C.

NuMicro® ML56 series integrated capacitive touch sensing circuit with enhanced touch key controller, supporting up to 14 independent touch channels with low power characteristics and high noise resistance make it especially suitable for home appliances and industrial control. Moreover, Nuvoton provides a complete development tool, and touch library to shorten customer’s developing and mass production by easy calibration of touch key functions.

It also built-in 4 COM x 32 SEG, 6 COM x 30 SEG, 8 COMx28 SEG LCD controller to drive up to 224 elements to support much larger LCD panel. The ML56 series supports LCD bias voltage with charge pump to keep the VLCD constant voltage, and an internal resistor mode for power saving mode lower than 2µA.

NuMicro® ML56 series is more than a 8-bit microcontroller, which equipped with enhanced analog features, such as 12-bit 500k SPS ADC, up to 2ch of comparators , 4-level of internal voltage reference for ADC and ACMP, and Direct Memory Access(DMA) controller to speed-up the data transfer and off-load the CPU loading for low-power operation; the ML56 series built-in RTC to record data and show calendar while in power-down mode, it also provides multiple packages from LQFP 44 to LQFP64 with pin-compatible for different part number to simplify the system design and change parts easily.

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