Miracast Over Infrastructure

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EZCast series is designed to transform traditional workspace into smart workspace. EZCast devices are natively equipped with multiple protocols, including Miracast. With multiple standards, EZCast devices count with very high compatibility with various devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) and allow users to share their screens on different displays.

Recently, EZCast has extended the ability to send a Miracast stream over a local network (over infrastructure) rather than over a direct wireless link (P2P mode). This functionality is based on the Miracast over Infrastructure Connection Establishment Protocol (MSMICE).

Our transition to Miracast Infrastructure began in 2020, after Windows 10 began supporting infrastructure mode.

Devices like EZCast Ultra, EZCast 2, EZCast Band 1, and EZCast MiniBox support this upgraded version of Miracast. This early adoption has allowed EZCast to provide a seamless connection with improved stability and quality as well as multiple other benefits. Overtime, the Miracast infrastructure mode is constantly increasing in importance. As the digital era advances, growing companies have increased the use of wireless devices. This include a wide variety of employee apparatus, smartphones, laptops, and wireless displays.

Our use of Miracast infrastructure helps to improve employee mobility and productivity by delivering a stable connection at a faster and lower cost. Regardless of your device EZCast is committed to facilitate and upgrade source to display transmission.

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