High-performance at the edge of the IIoT

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The Internet of Things and increasing network bandwidths are significantly changing the way applications are designed. Edge and fog computing provide extremely powerful server technology at the edge of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Server-on-Modules from congatec with Intel® Xeon® processor technology target precisely this application field.

Bringing clarity to nebulous terminology

Edge servers are deployed on the verges of the Internet. Because they perform important tasks for the network as well as the local applications, they are – in addition to IoT gateways – the most important building block for the IIoT. Fog computers fulfil very similar functions. But what exactly is fog computing? The term was coined in analogy to cloud servers: In contrast to clouds, fog settles in the valley. Clouds are high up in the network, fogs are low down at the local IIoT level.

This sums up the difference between cloud and fog servers. Unlike edge servers, fog servers add real-time virtualization across multiple systems to the picture. So, fog servers provide a highly reliable and – depending on the design – real-time capable local infrastructure for the Internet of Things. In addition to the bridge functions of gateways, edge and fog servers also rovide complete control and management of applications locally.

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