DCM™ Design Guide

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As a part of the modular power system design methodology and to provide a great flexibility to the power system designers to achieve high-performance, cost-effective design of power distribution systems, Vicor introduced the family of DC-DC converter modules (DCM) in a ChiP package (Converter housed in a Package), shown in Figure 1.1. ChiP platform products use advanced magnetic structures that are integrated within high-density interconnect (HDI) substrates, together with power semiconductors, control ASICs and a icrocontroller to provide superior electrical and thermal performance.

The DCMs can be used in various applications related to Commercial, Industrial and Military grades. A few examples of Commercial / Industrial-grade applications where DCMs best fit in are battery charging, LED lighting and medical devices. Also, applications such as data centers and telecommunications that require huge amounts of power can implement distributed power architecture using DCMs. This can improve the overall power system efficiency and lower the system and operational costs.

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