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AI 5G IP Tech PDF:arm ai

Machine learning (ML) has already proved its value in performing tough computational tasks that drive a wide variety of artificial intelligence applications. From facial recognition, real-time voice and video stream analysis, Big Data analytics to industrial machinery sensors, ML is becoming increasingly powerful and pervasive. How to choose the right processor IP for your ML application?

1 Take advantage of wide-ranging AI opportunities. GigaOm report shows you how to devise, define, and deploy the right AI for job;

2 How to choose the right processor IP for your ML application

3 The Evolution of Gaming through 5G Report- the new era of mobile networks and its impact on gaming.

4 Accelerating Your Machine Learning Compute for the IoT and Embedded Market with Arm

Neuromorphic Videos to Binge-Watch During Lockdown

A Startup focuses on Making tinyML Designs Easy


IOT Tech PDF:arm iot

This solution brief to create a powerful, highly scalable IoT solutions for global companies that need to take consideration in their digital transformation
Arm’s IoT solutions offer proven and secure hardware, software, and services designed to help organizations transforming their business models through IoT.

1 Strategy Analytics: Understand how Arm geared up in IoT Indurstry, to be the pioneer of the industry;

2 Ensure IoT Success: The Seven Most Important Decisions You’ll Make

3 Forrester Whitepaper-IoT Data Management

4 SJ Consulting Report: Transformation in Retail, Logistics and Transportation

5 Alphatronics Case Study-Connected, Efficient Waste Management

6 Arm IoT Solution Overview-Deliver Secure IoT Systems to Market Quickly and Efficiently

7 Manufacturing Bible – Device Life Cycle Management

8 The Economist Report – The IoT Business Index 2020: a step-change in adoptation

9 Manufacturing Bible – Device Life Cycle Management

Taiwan’s Electronic Fence System Draws Global Attention

Interview: How Waymo’s Lidar Plan Works



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