Download The Whitepaper To Participate In The Amazon Gift Card Draw

Dear user,

Thank you for your continued support. EE Times and EDN Asia now  open a month of downloading whitepapers to participate in the lottery! You can easily participate by downloading the materials. Win prizes while learning, participate quickly!

Prizes: $10 or $5 Amazon gift card, each account can get up to one, first come first served.

Time: 2021.06.01-2021.06.29

Activity Rules:

After downloading any whitepapers on the website, you will be enrolled to participate in the draw. The downloads available in this round are listed below:


Every Tuesday we will announce the results of the last round of draws on this page. Please keep following us. The winners should pay attention to the confirmation phone or email from our staff (

1 The more materials downloaded, the greater the chance of winning;
2 Before download, you need to log in to the website. If you have not registered as a member, please click here to register;
3 If you are already a member and cannot log in to the website due to a password problem, click here to reset your password.

Congratulations to the winners! Please pay attention to the confirmation email from,And please follow the prompts to reply before July 7, 2021, or you will be regarded as giving up the prize. 


Winners of the 4th week:

Tz********ng Intel
Fa********mo Sicoy
Ph********ce Komcept Solutions Limited
Ph********xu Arbin
As********am Fastrack design

Winners of the 3rd week:

Ne********es ENAMC
Vi********un ASM Technology Singapore Pte Ltd
Ne********rd WESEE
Go********hu Applied Materials Inc.
Ph********an IIT Kanpur
Vi********de Encore Software Ltd

Winners of the 2nd week:

Al********an 5star
Sp********su Audio Experts LLC
윤********호 (주)사나이시스템
Ei********oh Winbond
Li********ng Continental Automotive
关********涛 IBM Canada

Winners of the first week:

Sa********ng  Seagate Technology International Pte Ltd.
Da********ew  Teradyne
Kr********ao  DigitaLabs.Net
Ri********fo  ARRobotics
Ra********ar  Aptiv Plc
Bo********ee  Kyocera Korea
Le********ki  Obsidian Sensors

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.