Dialog Semiconductor Adds AI, Data Analytics Partners to SmartServer Ecosystem

Article By : Dialog Semiconductor plc

Smartia and VIMANA have recently become members of Dialog Semiconductor's SmartServer IoT Partner Program.

Dialog Semiconductor plc has announced an expansion of its SmartServer IoT Partner Program to include businesses that offer data analytics platforms with artificial intelligence (AI)-led outcomes that transform industrial operations.

“AI-driven platforms that collect and transform diverse and complex industrial data into clear, actionable insights are becoming increasingly important to building and industrial operations,” said Mark Tyndall, Dialog’s SVP of Corporate Development and GM of Industrial IoT Business Group. “SmartServer IoT offers an open and turnkey solution to securely orchestrate data between new or legacy operational networks and the latest edge and cloud analytics. The insights derived from such a comprehensive ecosystem enable better management decision-making for increased productivity, reduced costs, and faster revenue growth.”

Dialog’s SmartServer IoT edge server and open software platform include an end-to-end IoT stack, freely available integration tools, and web services APIs for automation, controls and analytics applications. Members of the Partner Program further benefit from certified training and premium technical support. The SmartServer IoT simplifies digital transformation for its partner ecosystem. It creates an IoT-centric data fabric that connects industrial networks, edge and cloud infrastructure. Partners can focus on driving business outcomes rather than worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Smartia and VIMANA have recently become members of the Partner Program. Both provide AI-driven analytics and control platforms, and related services.

Smartia’s MAIO industrial intelligence platform combines edge computing, big data technology, and AI-driven applications. Chris Price, Smartia’s CMO, commented, “OEMs often struggle to extract operational data, let alone analyze it. We’ve seen global manufacturing companies that are only able to analyze 15% of their available data, so the opportunity for productivity improvements is vast if that can be improved upon. The most common questions we get from customers are how fast we can deliver machine insights, what benefits our AI platform can deliver, and how quickly they can scale our solution. SmartServer IoT enables us to give them the positive answers they want to hear, whether the questions are being asked by production directors or CIOs.”

VIMANA is a global provider of a flexible, extensible, and open Industrial Analytics Platform that’s designed to help its customers transform operations, leverage data to facilitate change, and grow revenues. Company COO Dr. Athulan Vijayaraghavan believes that adopting Dialog’s SmartServer IoT platform for the edge can be transformative.

“We’ve tried a lot of edge IoT systems in the past, but capabilities have always been limited. SmartServer IoT is far more flexible. Its comprehensive capabilities, low latency, and wireless functionality make it a real game-changer. We apply it in delivering high-quality, normalized data at scale from complex industrial environments. Our algorithms then analyze this data to produce valuable insights for our customers,” he said.

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