Design and Solution Strategies in 5G Testing

Article By : Stephen Las Marias

Mahesh Basavaraju of Rohde & Schwarz talks about the design and solution strategies to address the challenges in 5G testing.

5G development and deployment are accelerating, especially in Asia. Field trials are underway, components are coming, and testing covers the spectrum in more ways than one. What are the challenges and how is the ecosystem shaping up? Find out more in this month’s In Focus series.

5G is increasingly being rolled out in many markets worldwide, especially in Asia. Along with its beneficial improvements for many applications are its own set of new challenges, including from a test and measurement standpoint, given its higher frequencies. There are also the new standards and specifications, and the design challenges.

In an interview for EE Times Asia In Focus, Mahesh Basavaraju, Market Segment Manager for Wireless Communications at Rohde & Schwarz, provides his insights on the above, as well as the future of test for 5G.


Watch the interview below.


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