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Delta is showcasing its cloud-integrated smart factory solution that highlights the edgeMES as a new operation and monitoring model for equipment manufacturers...

Delta has announced its participation in the Taipei Int’l Industrial Automation Exhibition 2020 (Automation Show 2020) from August 19th ~ 22nd. Delta is showcasing its cloud-integrated smart factory solution that highlights the edgeMES (MES and operation management for machine making) as a new operation and monitoring model for equipment manufacturers, as well as electronics assembly solutions based on Delta’s real experience, a robot grinding workstation, AI-based six-sided inspection machine, and other smart equipment.

To showcase cloud-integrated smart manufacturing for customers, Delta is using a large-scale TV wall to demonstrate its digital control and monitoring center for manufacturing. Smart solutions for electronics and other target industries are also featured for upgrading equipment, production processes and factories. Andy Liu, the General Manager of Delta Industrial Automation Business Group (IABG) affirmed, “We are helping our customers enhance their competitiveness and prepare for post-pandemic growth with Delta’s smart manufacturing.”

Delta’s exhibits include four major topics: Factory Control and Monitoring Center, Smart Manufacturing Solutions, Industry-specific Solutions and Smart Machine Suite & Advanced Automation Products. The Smart Manufacturing Solutions section covers smart equipment, production line integration solutions, IIoT technology and cloud for manufacturing execution, production scheduling and flexible changeover, as well as data exchange, analysis and optimization among equipment, management platforms and the cloud. These are all practical approaches to build smart, digital factories for all industries.

The edgeMES is a lightweight manufacturing execution system (MES) specially designed for equipment production. It combines with Microsoft’s cloud platform (Azure SQL edge) and Trend Micro’s security software to ensure advanced, digitalized and secure production execution and management. The cloud platform provides the SaaS subscription service for small / medium-sized machinery manufacturers to order MES services according to their requirements and budget. For data exchange between the workshop equipment and cloud platform, the edgeMES adopts Trend Micro’s advanced security functions to ensure data confidentiality for customers’ machine making processes and operation tactics.

Two of the most eye-catching live demos are the Robot Grinding Workstation and the AI-based Six-sided Inspection Machine. The Robot Grinding Workstation combines the Articulated Robot DRV Series and DRASimuCAD Robotic Simulation Platform. The DRASimuCAD simulates the processing path in advance for the DRV Series robot to perform accurate, smooth grinding for electronic components. The AI-based Six-sided Inspection Machine features advanced AI to achieve highly precise inspection for subtle defects on electronic parts that can’t be detected by AOI equipment. It supports connection of up to eight stations, and can be applied to the inspection of high-tech electronic parts such as passive components and integrated circuits (0.2 x 0.1 mm or above). The detection range and light source can be customized for various applications.

Another popular demo is the Food & Medicine Loading / Unloading Robot Workstation. It adopts Delta’s SCARA Robot DRS Series and the Machine Vision System DMV Series to execute high-speed, precise loading and unloading for small food items (candies, cookies, and others) and medicines (pills and tablets). The workstation replaces labor, enhances efficiency, and ensures sanitary processing for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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