Contactor boosts WLCSP test yield

Article By : Multitest

Atlas WLCSP test contactors are claimed to achieve mechanical reliability through the rigid “cruciform” tip used in Multitest's QuadTech flat probe technology

Multitest has announced that its 0.3mm pitch Atlas contactor successfully passed a customer production floor evaluation and will be used in the customer's WLCSP production ramp. Atlas claims to have reduced the customer's cost of test, improved test yield and increased throughput.

The Atlas offers electrical performance that allows the customer to test to the true performance of the device. The WLCSP Atlas combines increased mechanical tip strength and short probe electrical performance. Atlas WLCSP test contactors claim to achieve mechanical reliability with a rigid “cruciform” tip applied to Multitest’s QuadTech flat probe technology. The cruciform tip provides increased tip rigidity with a much greater immunity to breakage than traditional WLCPS probes used in earlier-generation test sockets.

The Atlas 030 has a short electrical path, with lower capacitance and inductance that is ideal for functional and AC parametric testing of WLCSP devices that require high system bandwidth and throughput gains in large multisite test applications, Multitest said. The device also has 0.310mm of compliance for bump structures that requires a larger compliance window for reliable contacting in high parallel test applications.

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