Clientron Ares650 POS Terminal: Two Case Studies

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Clientron has announced that it's Ares650 point-of-sale (POS) terminal made successful clients cases in Singapore and Moscow...

Clientron has announced that it’s Ares650 point-of-sale (POS) terminal made successful clients cases in Singapore and Moscow. It can do the same for your retail operation, as well.

Clientron’s Ares650 Hits the Spot for Singapore’s Top Bak Kut Teh Shop 
Singapore is a food-loving country where delicious meals can be savored within a stone’s throw of almost any street corner. One of the nation’s most iconic dishes is a concoction called “bak kut teh” that sees rich pork ribs being simmered for hours in a broth energized by spices like cloves, cinnamon, and star anise.
Near the Singapore River on South Bridge Road stands the busiest of six locations operated by a particularly well-known bak kut teh restaurant group. Customers who stop in for a hearty serving of soup expect highly responsive service to be provided in a contemporary, appealing setting.
The Ares650 POS terminal was the perfect match for this highly regarded bak kut teh purveyor’s needs. Its sleek, stylish enclosure takes up little space, adding to the compact restaurant’s ambiance without ever getting in the way.
clientron pos terminal successful story
Singapore’s frequently warm, humid climate can pose problems for other POS terminals. Thanks to its power-efficient Intel Bay Trail processor and other features, Ares650 never breaks a sweat. Its passive cooling system does a great job of dissipating heat without adding a potential point of failure the way a fan would.
IP64-rated protection from water and dust makes the Ares650 just as rugged and reliable in other important respects. Bustling, fast-paced food-service environments can be stressful for POS terminals, but the elegant Ares650 shrugs off everything patrons, servers, and anyone else can throw at it.
Clientron’s designers equipped the Ares650 with a bezel-free screen that enhances its appearance while also being exceptionally easy to clean. A quick wipe every so often keeps the Ares650 looking great even after being touched by fingers slick from picking through bowls of unctuous bak kut teh.
An optional screen measured at 6 Mohs of hardness makes the Ares650 almost impervious to scratching. As the case study on our website makes clear, Singapore’s leading bak kut teh restaurant has found the Ares650 to be the perfect POS solution. We’re proud of how well the Ares650 performs in this especially demanding, high-volume environment.
Ares650 Wows Shoppers and Salespeople Throughout Moscow 
Moscow is a truly cosmopolitan city, and shoppers there love to browse and buy the wares of international brands. A multinational French retailer carried out plenty of research and discovered that Clientron’s Ares650 was the ideal POS solution for its chain of retail stores in Moscow.
That important client praises the way the Ares650 delivers so much performance for such a reasonable price. The sleek, graceful lines of our Ares650 terminal mesh perfectly with the carefully crafted interior designs of the chain’s shops.
clientron pos terminal successful story
The eminently reliable Ares650 remains ready to ring up sales even after other POS terminals would go down for the count. This allows our client in Moscow to maintain a consistently high level of customer service that fosters loyalty and lots of repeat business.
Ares650 has now been delivering these kinds of results at the client’s Moscow-area stores for years running. That level of time-tested, field-proven excellence is something we strive for with every Clientron product. It is another reason why so many retailers worldwide trust and praise our brand.

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