2020-09-01 - John Walko

The Latest Iteration of 5G Standards Nailed Down

The 3GPP organization — which has been overseeing the specifications and standards for cellular technologies from the early days —…

2020-08-31 - STMicroelectronics

Zigbee 3.0 Support for STM32WB Wireless Microcontrollers

STMicroelectronics has added Zigbee® 3.0, based on Zigbee PRO protocol stack support to STM32WB55 wireless microcontrollers...

2020-08-18 - Strategy Analytics

5G Smartphone Test Results Underscore Value of Millimeter Wave

So Far, Qualcomm-equipped Millimeter Wave Smartphones Fastest of All...

- Junko Yoshida

How Safe is Safe Enough? Explore ADAS Benchmarking for Vehicle Safety

“How safe is safe enough?” is the nagging question that lurks in every discussion of fully autonomous vehicles. Now, as…

- Egil Juliussen

Connected Cars: First Step Toward Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving technology relies on cars being connected. Managing the connectivity is going to be increasingly important...

2020-08-17 - Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

1-Wire-to-I2C/SPI Bridge expands connections to remote sensor networks

DS28E18 extends links up to 100 meters and minimizes wiring to connect peripheral devices to a host microcontroller

2020-08-10 - Egil Juliussen

Connected Cars: Where’s the Money?

Let’s examine current and emerging business models of connected cars, while evaluating the value of car data and content to…

2020-08-04 - TrendForce

Competition in Mobile Base Station Market to Intensify as 5G Enters Upswing

Total 5G base stations in China are projected to exceed 600,000 in 2020, while Japanese and Korean equipment manufacturers aggressively…

2020-07-31 - Egil Juliussen

Connected Car Industry: Big Picture

It's been over 20 years since the first connected cars appeared in the United States. There are a lot more…

2020-07-29 - IDC

IoT Growth Demands Rethink of Long-Term Storage Strategies

IDC predicts that by 2025 there will be 55.9B connected devices worldwide, 75% of which will be connected to an…