2020-08-17 - Kevin Krewell

Next-gen Compression Standard Promises Better Quality Video

The recent market focus on TikTok and Zoom during the pandemic is a clear indication how streaming video has become…

2020-06-30 - Sally Ward-Foxton

FPGAs to Replace GPUs in AI Accelerators

Software hides FPGA hardware from data scientists and neural network developers, ships with Xilinx Alveo cards that replace GPUs in…

2020-06-29 - Kevin Krewell

Apple to Migrate Macs from Intel to Arm Chips

Apple shifting to Arm is its first instruction set change in 14 years...

2020-04-07 - Digi-Key Electronics

Calculator and eBook for API Solutions to Streamline Procurement

Digi-Key Electronics now offers a free eBook on the benefits of implementing API solutions, as well as a new ROI…

2020-03-16 - M. Di Paolo Emilio

Covid-19: The Success Story of Taiwan

Taiwan owes its success largely to the emergency implementation of large analytical data and new technologies.

2020-03-12 - Stephen Las Marias

Blog: COVID-19 and the Electronics Manufacturing Supply Chain

Challenges such as Covid-19 and the U.S.-China trade war can create new opportunities for ASEAN, but can the region gear…

2020-03-11 - SCHURTER

UMT-W as a Fail-Safe Device

With the UMT-W, SCHURTER launches a pulse-proof SMD ceramic fuse with super time-lag tripping characteristics, which is particularly suitable as…

2020-03-10 - Brian Santo

El Capitan to Be Powered by AMD CPUs and GPUs

With AMD, HPE/Cray increases the supercomputer's performance from 1.5 exaflops to 2 exaflops. El Capitan promises to be the world's…

2020-03-05 - AspenCore Global Editorial Team

Covid-19: What Have We Learned?

Covid-19 has accelerated the shift of manufacturing from China to elsewhere (other countries in Asia) – which had been already…

- George Leopold

EU Escalates Privacy Push

The EU's next data privacy push is expected to focus on the liability of platform operators.