2017-03-09 - Bill Schweber

Testing crimp connections the NASA way

NASA has come up with a real-time, ultrasound-based device that sends an acoustic wave through the crimp assembly as it…

2017-03-01 - Julien Happich

Multi-core parallel engine powers Cadence simulator

The Xcelium Parallel Simulator speeds runtime by an average of 3X for register-transfer level design simulation.

2017-01-02 - ProPlus Design Solutions

Analyser measures up to 0.03MHz low-frequency noise

9812DX sets high-speed record for on-wafer noise characterisation with typical noise measurement time of less than 10s per bias.

- STMicroelectronics

Good and bad practices on car system’s robustness

STMicroelectronics has tested its 32bit MCUs in an automotive system, focusing on the connection to signals from different power domains.

2016-11-25 - Advance Riko

System calculates TEMs conversion efficiency

The F-PEM Evaluation System is designed to operate in harsher environments where thermoelectric modules are actually deployed.

2016-11-16 - Synopsys

Expanded test and yield analysis solution targets 7nm node

To improve defect coverage, Synopsys has been collaborating with semiconductor companies to advance testing and diagnostics methods for 7nm processes.

2016-11-11 - Susan Nordyk

Inspection system offers 30X optical magnification

SharpVue's built-in LED lighting ensures shadow-free illumination, while a wireless remote allows users to access system functions.

2016-10-26 - Vivek Nanda

ATE performs wafer-level test to 3kV

The power semiconductor test systems performs high-voltage, low-voltage and capacitance tests in a single probe touch-down.

2016-10-13 - Teledyne LeCroy

Protocol analyser supports PCIe 4.0 at 16GT/s speed

The Summit T416 protocol analyser uses high speed Interposers capable of tapping any device under test.

2016-07-25 - None

NI boasts low-latency software design in next-gen VST

The PXIe-5840 module is the first 1 GHz bandwidth VST, aiming to set a new standard for density, performance and…

2016-06-14 - RS Components

Thermal-imaging clamp for fast contactless troubleshooting

The FLIR CM174 helps identify hard-to-find electrical faults such as intermittent connections that can have thermal effects that conventional test…

2016-06-08 - Mike Hertz, Loren Dunn, Mark Maciejka, Dan Steinken

Get correct ESD measurements with proper scope setup

Two of the most common pitfalls in ESD pulse measurement can be avoided when the oscilloscope operator becomes aware of…