2021-09-24 - Keysight Technologies Inc.

Keysight and Orolia Advance 5G LBS Based on GNSS

Keysight and Orolia have joined forces to advance 5G location-based services (LBS) based on global navigation satellite system (GNSS) technologies.

2021-09-21 - Digilent Inc.

Digilent Webinar on Portable Versatile Tools for Circuit Testing and Debugging

Digilent and Excelpoint will hold a webinar on October 13 discussing portable versatile tools for circuit testing and debugging.

2021-09-17 - Tektronix and Keithley Experts

5G: It’s Not Just a Mobile Network!

It takes more than just the 5G mobile phone and network to enable the entire 5G revolution. This article highlights…

- Smiths Interconnect

Smiths Interconnect Test Socket Enables Rapid Device Bring Up, Characterization

Smiths Interconnect's Galileo test socket is an innovative, low-profile test socket engineered to support today's high-performance digital and RF applications.

- Maurizio Di Paolo Emilio

NI, Elektro-Automatik Join Forces for EV Battery Testing

NI is working with EA Elektro-Automatik to provide bi-directional power supplies for EV battery cycling and power level testing.

2021-09-16 - Rigol Technologies

Introduction to Medical Electronics Industry Test Analysis and Solution

This article looks at the test analysis of high-frequency electric knife and breathing machines in the development stage.

2021-09-15 - Edward Pan, Rigol Technologies

How to Verify Signals on Oscilloscopes

Time domain measurements can be very useful to our understanding of the physical world and can be critical to building…

2021-09-13 - Keysight Technologies

Keysight World 2021 Puts Spotlight on Mega Trends

Keysight World 2021 will focus on on mega trends and emerging themes, such as connectivity, digital transformation, and security in…

2021-09-09 - Keysight Technologies Inc.

Keysight Test Solution Accelerates Silicon Photonics Wafer Production

Keysight's NX5402A Silicon Photonics Wafer Test System delivers quick volume production launch with stability and repeatability.

- Dylan McGrath, Keysight Technologies

Making Accurate 5G mmWave Measurements with a Signal Analyzer

Here's a look at challenges specific to mmWave device testing, and strategies for overcoming them with a signal analyzer.

2021-09-07 - Keysight Technologies Inc.

Keysight and MediaTek Achieve 6Gbps Data Speeds with 5G Sub-6 3CC 300MHz CA Connectivity

Keysight and MediaTek have achieved 6Gbps data throughput speeds by aggregating three 5G new radio carriers (3CC CA) 300MHz bandwidth…

2021-09-06 - Gareth Smith, Eggplant

How 5G Will Power a New Retail Experience

Here are four examples of the innovation that the retail industry can expect with 5G.