2021-12-20 - Gary Hilson

Second Wave of Supply Chain Woes Looms

Those who heeded old warnings that supply chain management is critical are doing well now. It's not too late to learn the lesson.

- Bindiya Vakil

How Supply Chain Mapping Mitigates Disruption

Rapidly evolving technology, cloud adoption, and enterprise networks have made mapping cost effective, scalable, and rapidly achievable.

2021-12-17 - Stephen Las Marias

SCHURTER Discusses Challenges and Risks in Current Component Shortages

SCHURTER's Joseph Juay talks about the current challenges, risks, and opportunities in Asia's electronics supply chain landscape.

2021-12-09 - Tanaka Denshi Kogyo

Tanaka to Establish New Plant in Taiwan

Tanaka is building a third Taiwanese base to establish stable supply systems capable of meeting the growing demand.

2021-12-07 - Peggy Carrieres, Avnet

The Semiconductor Shortage is Already Changing Product Design—for the Better

Price increases, technology advancements, and inevitable supply chain disruptions will bring sweeping long-term changes to the semiconductor industry.

2021-12-01 - Mohammed Kafil, Kissflow Inc.

How Digital Transformation Can Help to Build Procurement Sustainability for Electronics Manufacturers

To remain competitive in today's changing market environment, going digital is the key.

2021-11-18 - Digi-Key Electronics

Digi-Key Named a Top 3 Distributor by EE Awards Asia

Digi-Key Electronics has been recognized with EE Awards Asia's Top 3 Distributors Award.

2021-11-11 - Brian Santo

Execs Remain Optimistic That Innovation is the Way Out

The global economy is still hobbled by supply chain problems, but there is still a great deal of optimism that the electronics industry is creating the tools that will help the world dig itself out of its economic problems.

2021-06-15 - Gartner Inc.

Top Supply Chain Technology Themes in 2021

Supply chain innovations can provide positive impact on people, performance and industries.

2020-03-12 - Stephen Las Marias

Blog: COVID-19 and the Electronics Manufacturing Supply Chain

Challenges such as Covid-19 and the U.S.-China trade war can create new opportunities for ASEAN, but can the region gear up their capabilities so as to hit the ground running?