2020-02-10 - Barbara Jorgensen

Supply Chain Resilience Tested by Coronavirus

Standing still is not an option for an industry renowned for innovation. Companies can still take steps to mitigate the…

2020-02-04 - Barbara Jorgensen

China Maintains Chip Output in Wake of Virus Outbreak

It’s hard to square the “all is well” stance in China’s chip sector with reports from other markets. The outbreak…

2020-01-31 - Barbara Jorgensen

Supply Chain Disruption Expected in Midst of Coronavirus

Crucial to the electronics industry in this crisis is the trifecta of a US/China trade war, Brexit in Europe and…

2020-01-13 - Barbara Jorgensen

CES 2020 and the Supply Chain

The supply chain is one of those things that nobody cares about until something goes wrong. Then it’s everybody’s problem.

2019-12-31 - Barbara Jorgensen

Tech Companies Sued in Child Labor Lawsuit

A lawsuit brought forward by International Rights Advocates has accused the world’s largest tech companies of knowingly aiding and abetting…

2019-12-25 - Barbara Jorgensen

The Ins and Outs of the Supply Chain in 2019

In one year, the electronics supply chain saw a level of disruption that once took decades to achieve. The 1990s…

2019-11-18 - Barbara Jorgensen

What Will Be the Repercussions of Ti’s Decision?

The global supply chain is still absorbing the impact of TI's decision to drop six electronics distributors, including top-tier players…

2019-05-23 - Barbara Jorgensen

The Trade War’s Impact on the Supply Chain

President Trump's tariffs were blunt instruments to force other countries to drop their trade barriers. What if they're permanent?

2019-05-01 - Barbara Jorgensen

Component Shortages Set to Continue

The fortunes of the electronics supply chain can change on a dime. Following two years of severe component shortages, demand…

2019-04-22 - Barbara Jorgensen

Worker Shortages to Hit EU OEMs

The electronics industry has enjoyed strong growth in 2017 and 2018, but the ability to find and retain skilled workers…