2020-05-19 - Matthew Burgess

Covid-19: Getting to Grips with Respiration

In the battle against the coronavirus, hospitals are being forced to adopt new technologies to stem the flow of patients.…

2020-05-14 - George Leopold

Blog: Lessons Learned From Taiwan’s Response to Covid-19

Taiwan represents to the gold standard for containing the novel coronavirus...

2020-05-13 - ASVDA

1st GO SMART Online Forum Kicked off Conversation on Epidemic Prevention

GO SMART has held an online workshop of “Smart Tech in Fighting COVID-19” via a video-conference approach, attracting government-related units,…

2020-03-20 - Junko Yoshida

Is Holography Making a Comeback?

Holography is coming back — not in the familiar sci-fi movie form of, for example, Princess Leia and R2D2 —…

2020-01-23 - Nitin Dahad

Taiwan Takes 82 Startups to CES

For the third year in a row, Taiwan had a significant presence at one of the biggest electronics trade fairs…

2020-01-02 - Gina Roos

Startup Launches Joint Venture With BOE

Startup Rohinni announces a joint venture with Beijing-based BOE to develop miniLED and microLED-based LCD displays and video walls.

2019-12-17 - Matthew Burgess

Finding Inspiration in a Dog Whistle

A startup in Taiwan, inspired by the Galton whistle, has developed a spirometer which they believe will become as synonymous…

2019-12-05 - Anne-Françoise Pelé

4D Imaging Startup Raises $109M

Israeli startup Vayyar Imaging Ltd. has raised $109 million in a series D financing round.

2019-11-22 - Matthew Burgess

Startups: Extolling the Virtues of M&As

Battling against tradition, Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology are attempting to educate the startups of Taiwan on the benefits…

2019-11-14 - Junko Yoshida

Blaize Lights up AI Processing with GSP

The startup's fully programmable Graph Streaming Processor will go into volume production in Q2 2020.