2016-11-03 - Allegro MicroSystems

Linear ICs sense up to 100A AC, DC currents

The ACS780/ACS781 are provided in automotive-grade sensor IC package, delivering high power density for current sensing applications.

2016-10-27 - CyberOptics

Sensor monitors airborne particles down to 0.14μm

The sensors' new particle detecting and measurement functionality extends the range, reporting particles in 2, 5, 10 and 30μm bin…

2016-09-27 - Peter Clarke

MEMS group joins SEMI as strategic partner

The MEMS & Sensors Industry Group's "strategic association partnership" with SEMI, helps the latter diversify its interests.

2016-09-16 - Lattice Semiconductor

Programmable interface bridges target ADAS

The ECP5 has high-speed SERDES channels for video interfaces and the CrossLink MIPI D-PHY bridge delivers 4K UHD resolution at…

2016-09-04 - Rick Merritt

Upstart energy fuels Hot Chips event

The best news of all comes from a handful of talks by young people in or emerging from academia. Their…

2016-08-25 - Julien Happich

Wearable subwoofer transmits music directly to the skin

A 17mm x 20mm x 6mm wrist-worn device, Basslet silently reproduces the punch feel of bass lines, in direct contact…

- Julien Happich

Haptic technology lets you feel the music

The LoSound engine has been designed to offer a very good bass frequency response with high acceleration and a large…

- Graham Prophet

EMVCo-compliant NFC ring works like contactless payment card

The ring uses near field communication technology to communicate data over short distances of a few centimetres.